Saturday, November 24, 2012

The journey that lead Uber Luxury as the Official VIP, Premium Luxury online boutique of the ' Kingdom of Saudi Royal Family'.

Uber Luxury was founded in 2012 by CEO.Founder Mr.Moeth Ahmed, a passionate enthusiast of the Luxury industry. Over a decade of striving forward with excellence, Mr.Ahmed managed some of the World Class Premium Swiss Luxury goods. 

Left to right: CEO.Parmigiani Jean-Marc Jacot, Sean Bean, Michael Madsen, Woody Harrelson, Sissy Spacek, CEO.Raymond Weil Olivier Bernheim.

Expanding horizons, growing in the industry with an extensive network, Uber Luxury grew on the very foundation of the Best in Class, over 50 Swiss Premium Luxury Brands. For the past decade, some of the most elite prestigious names are:                                                           

Luxury Retail Chain Brands : Patek, Audemars, Parmigiani, Hermes, IWC, Ulysse Nardin, Zenith, Girard Perregaux, JeanRichard, Bovet, Blancpain, Breguet, Breitling, Rolex, Carl.F.Bucherer, Omega, Tag, Oris, Ebel, Dunhill, Versace and Montblanc. 
Supply Chain Brands : Breitling, Parmigiani, Oris, Edox, Fortis across Canada.

Considering the tremendous opportunities for success in the Luxury Industry, Mr. Ahmed established himself as the Director of Sales & Marketing at La Swiss, BREITLING Canada. In 2009, during the most crucial time in the luxury market, his unstoppable passions lead him to embrace all challenges in search of a unique concept. His search ended when he discovered the need for Digital Luxury online.

Introducing a unique range of Global Luxury Brands, with a primary focus on Premium VIP Luxury, Uber Luxury is to sell all Brands exclusively online. In conjuction, a sister company has been announced for launch called 'Uber Digital Luxury', which is dedicated to the Luxury Web design development, 3D animmation, Graphic motion, after effects, VDO production, PR, Brand management, product sourcing, and online marketing.

Mr.Ahmed reports that in addition to extensive research, we worked effectively to build a strong and dedicated team, to create Luxury contents and market online selecting the effective tools for Luxury Brands at Uber Digital Luxury & to sell Premium Brands at Uber Luxury online. While the launch is underway, it is impressive to observe such a stride of accomplishment before the launch.

Among Uber Luxury’s strong influential Luxury network, VIP Clientele across the Globe which seems to be growing with Time - CEO. Founder of Uber Luxury 'Moeth Ahmed' arranged an appointment to meet with His Highness Prince Abdulrahman Bin Salem Alblihi, in Riyadh earlier this month. The meeting concluded at His Highness's residence in Riyadh, with an impacted success among other lucrative business prospects moving forward with a strong alliance in the Luxury market. Considering future plans of Uber Luxury's expansion underway, the details are yet to follow.

Mr.Ahmed stated, ' Luxury is an acquired taste, a finesse without a price. Being a watch enthusiast from childhood, I learned from the best in the Premium Swiss Luxury industry Leaders and in debt to the best school of mind and excellence'. ' Today, Uber Luxury is proud to announce that it is the Official VIP, Premium Luxury online boutique of the Royal Kingdom of the Saudi Royal Family '.

'His Highness Prince Abdulrahman, is a fine gentleman who has a strong passion towards life, ambitious with a true taste of Luxury creations', said Mr.Ahmed. 'I noticed some of His personal collections and most importantly a very down to earth personality which was far more impressive.’ Mr.Ahmed mentioned 'His Highness's hospitality exceeded any appreciation, as we sipped away fine Arabian coffee called ' Al-Qahwa’- a Turkish-style, Saudi Coffee, brewed without the addition of sugar with Cardamom. We sipped the subtle Arabian coffee with the famous dates of Saudi Arabia, which added a fine garnish as other delicacies were served, while His Highness gazed away into the World of Uber Luxury.                                                   

Lastly, but not the least Mr.Ahmed expressed with strong emotions His Highness's personal friendship and courtesy at its best; While we set forward our next meeting shortly, His Highness extended his warmest saying ' Next time you come, please come and stay at your home, for my House is your house'.

Former President Bill Clinton, Uber Luxury CEO Moeth Ahmed.
His Highness Prince Abdulrahman, CEO Moeth Ahmed.

' I had the pleasure of meeting many VIP Clients, Celebrities, Heads of State and the World Class Owners of the Swiss Premium Luxury Industry, among others but I must admit 'His Highness Prince Abdulrahman’s gracious nature goes beyond any VIP known to me '. 'We are proud to be here today and we have a long way to go. Our journey just began’. And this is what Uber Luxury is going to be about: Building not just any personal relation, but like today a personal signature of the Saudi Royal Family, presenting the finest’ stated CEO.Founder, Mr.Moeth Ahmed.

This incredible success is a phenomenal step forward before the launch of Uber Luxury, providing unparalleled strength and firm foundation of its future success. Mr.Ahmed also stated that ' This strong success of Uber Luxury now raises the bar of expectations for acquiring selective Brand Partners, due to the very distinguished demands of our Royal Family Clientele, among other VIP Clientele across the Globe. 'We will be prospecting the best of Luxury Brands for such a high net worth VIP Clientele without any reservation- because Uber Luxury has the distinguished VIP Clientele, therefore the focus to thrive on some of the finest Luxury,’ reported Mr.Ahmed.

In addition to the strong support of the Saudi Royal Family, Uber Luxury will, however, be working very close in order to deliver excellence, quality, and the Luxury finesse. As the project progresses, diligently towards the launch this exclusive premium online luxury boutique. Uber Luxury is set to launch shortly, although a specific date has yet to be mentioned.